Poetry Can Be Performed While Reading

Performance poetry has for a long time been thought of as purely a ‘cram-in-your-head’ endeavour. I’m not sure where most of the people who believe so got that rule but many people I have met are of the idea that one should not read their poem while performing it.

Well, there are a couple of things to consider for any poet who wishes to be a performer of his pieces, among them: articulacy, eloquence, eye contact with the audience and audibility. The goal is to have a formidable stage presence. You want your audience to pay attention to everything they see on stage. That is facial expression and general body language. It’s more than the words you speak. Performing an art on any stage needs liveliness. Audiences tend to hearken more to poems that are executed with vigour than the quieter ones. I think it’s a human behaviour when it comes to appreciating art of such nature.

For all performing poets, giving their best on stage is the ultimate point of satisfaction. You want to get off stage and feel like you did the delivery of your life each time you are from a performance.

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