Alchemy Thought

Dark woods, I mingle with coffin doors

Vault decks burning LP, the burden is for the cross

I’m like the orphaned moth

Scar Gardens are smelling grief of the black rose.

Robin nest, I need oasis Hades to call my own

Until then

Yeast sponge on my cage and am wounded with pain

So am circling the block, nostalgia with the rain

Maybe one day

In pursuit of a place to lay my portal lore head

A mouth to feed my dusty bread

Back-stabbing flowers make my death bed

[Ma] circuit of flaming stars, on the ceiling I watch

Ocean lights flooding my dread-locked eyes

Powdered water and moon flares

I count the geometry planes, Gemini is my better pair

All things cry, the earth bleeds and the sun melts

Dead scrolls mouth-kiss, Hathrow trees sing alphabets

Just before I mask myself in deep crates

Genetic ringtone, am fragmented into pictures of life given.

It’s a cold place

Saigon type of frost white haze

I set fire on my flesh and I swear it’s like –

Exhausted cells immolate like weed they want me dead

Dying heart the world butt raise black book stems

Resurrected sentinel painted beneath Orion fades

So I dip my wounded fingers in constellation Braille

Am I damaged, reading axis when life is inglorious and derailed?

I bow knees on heaven tears put dawning age on grass leaves

Wake up among blood bones left out in void fields

Door step meditation mat spread her thighs between star-gates

Twenty One light years, they say things cannot just grow

With six-year branch, baby you my life beneath winter snow

Transferred prison walls, how would hereafter begin the syllables

After glossary append my conviction on []

Through [Yo] fragile places, cellar tomb of mortal crimes

Soul to Alchemy flesh was mine

In this eternity I am the benediction of poisoned mind

Mars wait to lay her read red breast on my arm

Venus is molten into antimatter pearl, into her scared I smash

And Jupiter?

Triangular nights am sifting the secrets of my charm

Portrait peddle triage, am on probation with distant sum

Under Deneb, am intimate with deep thrust fossils

Folded clay, lost in dress creases like roses’ calyxes

Man am beyond

Prodigal till I come to baby-sit the demons in a sea of pigs

Poverty paradise, I hear bells ring as death dogs surround

Ancestral sins in eternity, only pure thing is encased beneath my clothing.

Details za morgue juu ya nare

Ni msimu upi nitavunwa nafaka mvua ikija nipandwe?

Nipate temple, nikinywa sumu ya mystery kwa blue vessel

Mind ni process, nikirudi dust body frames zitaozea ka siri.

The blackbird eating remains of my Necropolis

This cluster of mistakes than lovechild seeds

One day the reaper may find the mirror so legit’

When the dead find clothe ashes from [forever] fires

Meteor rains: write to the universe to love a little bigger

Mom, pops and lost ones watching there in quiet distance

Photograph copybook plastered on my mind

Even when am turning page, you hear how memories grind.

What depth of life do e plough,

Between us are intense memories planted in the crowd

This sun

These stars

These rhymes dangle like magic beads on my dark scars

No place to fall, seed-holes are drenched

Night prayer names that I call, angels surround where i slept

Naked tongue axed between blue rock tooth and metaphors

Vipindi vilifuatwa na makiwa

Alfajiri wa kuamkia, nalinda kiba ya usiku nikiimba na njiwa

Ninukuu mkihifadhi leo, kesho na throwback

Mkichoma mimea, chupa ikiwatonesha hisia mkumbuke Alkemia.

[Ah] Ukiita hii rap

Makaburi yako baada ya life yatazingirwa na slab.

Kabla ulimwengu uonyeshwe vichochoro na maker,

Nilikuwa nfunga pingu za maisha, mwenyewe akaona ni poa

Akanipora ubavu, mashairi yakizika ndoa kwenye matuta

Misemo zimejaa nembo deep kama celestial world order

Atamira Ajanta, am deeper than the named

I suspend gravity when am reciting in Zen Gardens

Am never civilized, bush-baby, my brain folded in pre-life caves

I’m the mirror to the furthest stars

They field god in mines but he’s a grain in soul chaff

Dusty highways, am a carnage pothole laughter – the craft.

Pillage whispers through bamboo flutes

African sculpt, how long will Ubuntu last on wear tear of books?

Pigeon creed, love is filthy show me where the feelings are

The clumsy poet, but on a pinwheel galaxies

Mock me without words if my beauty is less galactic

Nimezika future mbele ya mazingira machafu

Dunia inashift so natema mvua ya duty kifo kisimani cha danguro

Moth spectacle, light is a dark fallacy

Related like Shroud of Turin

With bipolar sandwich crosses of thug poetry

How many tombs will enough bury me?

Vault aka The Alchemy Thought

Nilaze mezani pema peopni visu vikinifuma kwa throat [Yo].

Harlem, Genetics, Eleven 83

Esthero, Ace na Poetic Creed

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