Envelope my Desires

I seek the sweetly skies with azure shines
Beyond this tug of war
Beyond glory’s pride
Beyond the eddying tempest sighs
How I long for the frail heart that beats for me
Veins chained, connected to a cupid’s shot
Hark to your burning fire and golden hooks
Hark to the garden of my life scented by your rose of love
My charm is growing strong
Shun the hate, O wretched soul!
As I breathe hope,
In this air that was suffocated with hate
Happy rhymes fill my lips
Loud murmurs, O unquiet thoughts!
That wakes my sense of being
That leaves me restless and weary
Despite the horrid lies
Despite the poisoned words
Sweet peace, you have graced my heavens
Your name in my heartily monument
On it I bestow my lamp of love
Where scars of wounds have healed,
In peace, in war, let us be united
In friendship, in enmity, let us bind
And remind ourselves that those ruthless torments are over.
©Achieng’ Em

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