Gravel Lore

“I’m crashing like a tidal wave
That drags me out to sea.”
Grating my soul, some gnawing rust
Took all, Eurycide shores blues and palm
[S]he coming, sacred flow caramel crust
Strewed dust – blood loins unveils the quench.
Fern under rocks: crone-hood kettles
Isle of cream
Molten steel, prison blacksmith’s ribs
Lingam yoni meet, splashed deep
Lower half-hemisphere, waist and all the silt
Crescent the moon baking night, roses weep.
Bermuda folds, my three philosophy gorge
Ermine pearls sometimes velvet veined coal
Cellar mildew and mistletoe
Tulips petals but sturdy
Milkshakes and salty Dead Sea grains – stranded

Cotton black
Caffeine white, pod and divine mat
Neon mush, soft peels go mellow
Earthy herbal teas harrow in cloves.
Weeping olive on African anger, stranded in lore
Somewhere between Congo deep
Nigerian creed, forests jasmine – Saharan thorns
China plates, Westphalian mug of kiwi blood songs
Asian sorghum
Red pebbles machined curved into gums
Pillage faults moan off the sponge and facets
Rapine on pores ornament jelly from dark closets
But I
Blistered ochre straws walk these empty holes
City’s splinters tramped on fire
Goddess foam, fiery winds bathe the sired

Meadows, ponds, graves upon domes
The master of my guard of wine – elixir tone
Blighted scrolls. Till oasis shall my feasts vanish with owls
Shells trumpeter
Slack with violins, grass leaves in love dirt
Children’s children, last of the poet on the lap
Painted on walls than bud branch
You seen flakes of soul and bread clot of crust
Wombs in sacred pads
I’m stringed with the whispers of the flute
Deep and hard, thrust half-nude than night skies do.

Scarlet and yolk
I’ll build a man laden with unbeaten songs
Shells are cracked walls hide sweltering gang
Sinners and thugs orator’s Braille unsung
Agatha my saint plot of misery
Sweet hoes, pepper sprayed on wounds not healing
Give me plate, your left breast – my agony’s pink.
Pillage laud but Sappho’s muses are lack sacred and thick.
Gagged fires brute ashes cascade all kisses
Fermenting roses smell walls of the hour glass
A thousand shrubs, streets was leafy until slash
Hedged fodder but hemlock picked from the flesh
Dagger method blade church is blood and rust
The dawn
Pawns graze beneath body and mind on a razor-soul
Ordeals love’s pain
Grained and stained
Curled in dead video-tapes
Wraith eulogized
North Horn cedars, simmering leaves in graves
Earthworm roe canoes between thigh bones.

Black ore
Coffin roads, soon killing fields are major
Drenched in moss
Prophet feet sandals from the motherland
Gallant clatters meshed on the mind, and barbed.
Out of depths distilled in purple nails
Seams of axe dredged on candle clays
Pastel blunt, poppy and dish – heavens are grey.
Arrow stones rocked into the shafts
Garlic burnt and sores, nests clasped in grief.
Pieces of gods
Lotions and vapor realms in pots
Milky taste – powdered water
Light folded into breasts.

Gravel anymore
Menstrual shores
Oceans glued on seas and soul.

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