Anger (in) (as an) Art – Hisia Zangu Workshop May 2014


Are you angry? Why are you angry?

Are you as angry as we are? Are you mad? Is your silence over your madness killing you? Do you want to vent, to release those fumes of anger?  Do you think we, they, care about your unending anger? 

Do you want to disarm your anger?

On May 18th, Hisia Zangu Poetry will be holding its monthly discussion and the topic is anger. How can you represent anger in art, in such a way, that it causes the consumers of such art to become angry, to jet off their comfort zones and sprint naked on the streets of Nairobi to protest about one, two, and three.

Look at the world around you. Is it the terrorist attacks making you angry, imprisoning you in your helplessness, or has your mind been in Nigeria, with 234 girls abducted by Boko Haram? Have your mind been with the helpless mothers? Have your mind roamed the killing fields of South Sudan – where the value of African life has yet again been proved by blood-loving rebels to be zero?

Where is the poem, where is the spoken word piece, where is the short story, where is the speech that will unseat us and force us to take the stairs from the 20th Floor of Teleposta Towers to Koinange Streets to strip naked to let our own lack of voices be heard.

You know how we do it. Send the piece you want to read or perform to As usual send only the very best you have produced as a way of blessing us with the very best that your imagination, your anger can ink on the page.

The deadline for submission is on Tuesday, 13th May.


Date: 18th May 2014

Time: 2PM-5PM

Venue: Teleposta Towers, 20th Floor, Nairobi

Damage: 100 bob

Others: (1) A pen/note pad or any e-writing material (2) Pull along a friend or three friends.

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