The story


The story begins..

never wanting to be uncertain,

never wanting to fail,

never wanting to be disappointed,

hands rubbed together…feet protected from the cold,

never to be tied.

This is the story of a journey

every morning in your dreams

through the night in your fantasies

all through the day.

‘hope’ is the word used to propel,

its the engine

but never is there hope before one doubted.

its about letting the doubts not cloud your path.

The story is not entirely different from others,

most experiences that we face are for us to learn from.

As we endeavor through life so short yet so full of mishaps.

happiness we strive

hoping our efforts ain’t futile.

As the story takes shape

sometimes we run,other times we stand and reflect

sometimes we walk alone,other times we follow a lead.

different directions

sometimes towards our on grave,

yet our feet can’t stop,


letting our fears be our guide and not our faith.

sometimes neglecting meditation.

The story’s ending is unknown,

all in all having an impact is the ultimate aim

sometimes we tend to forget and live at the end of the cliff,

waiting and hoping not to fail

happiness is the greatness feeling but fulfillment be our aim,

self awareness and self understanding,

outer and inner satisfaction,

removing the mud from your shoes and walking through sunshine of better days,

breaking down obstacles.

The story remains untold but it is hidden in the hearts of those who followed it,

though one day everyone will be enlightened

hoping it won’t be too late and wishing for a smile not a tear,

may honesty be the drive of this the world.

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