Cairo Is Toast*



Murder shall be dressed in salad

And served fresh to you as Supper


Yanked foetus as tuna

Coptic biceps, Sunni mitt

Chopped and diced into sousing broth


Denizen blood as toppings

Drink their tears, toss to victory

A sissy’s cultivated genius


Massacre feels sweet in large number

So no names to remember

A veteran is licensed to kill

And make wassails to Royalty- East of the Nile


Enjoy the aroma and nod to silence

Spark a wink,

And pun on lives

Punctuated to avert liberty


Call this meal by any fine name,

Freedom is slugged against the plates of posterity

Relish the aroma, chomp away at will

This broken Saucer shall be held


While you feed to fill

And tomorrow decompose in Sissy’s kitchen

*(From the collection, Laments of Nile)


© Shittu Fowora

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