The last Chronicles of Belle!

I find myself reeling at the
mouth of depression and looping
for life.
Aloft spaces in the cunning wind,
steaming towards cyclones of
Outpouring, dementing, blinding,
Chocking in madness.
Skinned, marooned.
Darkness dresses me in majestic
It echoes to the horizon laps and
covers the slithering valleys.
My life has known bitterness and
love runs at the sight of me.
See, I was young and
inexperienced at sharing.
I never knew how to love her
Smiles retreat into filtering
Silver glares smear the ground
with haunting images.
Dawn scares misery but only
scatters it around me,
Thoughts rinse my mind with loud
My soul stills and madness
overlaps at each shore!

There was light and beauty.
She was the flesh that covers the
The gentleness of words, calm –
still whispering from a distance.
She was the silence in the blowing
The roar in still waters and the
queen- muse of my soul,
How intertwined?
I constructed glowing radiant veils
of springs,
Wrought her dreams upon the pine
trees in the domain of love
In meadows of her vernal repose, I
marveled at the movement of her
I worshipped her, understanding
her themes.
She was considerate but possibly
the thread she had on me
And on my soliloquies I weeped on
the shoulders of unrequited love.
I partake in my journeys, keeping
her close but watching her go.
Its the only way I know how, oh
earth – she was so admirable,
But I’ll always know, I was young
and unable to love her enough!

© Eddy Ongili 2013

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